Moutai Group's - Taiyuan ZHI Packing Design

li zuo

Packaging Design Moutai Group's - Taiyuan ZHI Packing Design by li zuo Moutai Group's products have ingrained imprints of Moutai, such as the type of Moutai's bottle, the pattern of flying, italic letter and a series of other brand elements. The products of “ZHI”subvert the previous imprint of Moutai, only the elements of Moutai bottle shape is reserved, and then increased and heightened on the basis of the Moutai bottle, the packaging concept of "ZHI" is the element of water. Liquor is a kind of "water" that can bring emotions to people. It uses the pattern of seawater and the cliff on the ancient official robe 09 and traditional auspicious decorations.


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